Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Waahh... sooo sick and tired... I'm seriously tempted to go to sleep now, set my alarm for 6 a.m., and hope and pray that I can get the story finished between then and class at 2 p.m. Finishing the last three story critiques I had hoped for would be nice too, but hey. On the one hand, I reeeally need sleep, between how sick and tired I am and how much work I have. But on the other hand, I should know by now not to put stuff off if I can possibly help it. Do I really want to try to finish this in eight hours? It wouldn't affect my grade - I'm sure I could have something presentable ready by then - but I have some slight degree of standards for myself.

It's an easy story. I've heard the term "popcorn novels" used to describe those paperbacks you buy in airport bookstores just to have something quiet, easy and relaxing to do in your free time. I guess I might call this story "popcorn writing," compared to the stuff I usually try to do. I mean, I enjoy it, I'm not phoning it in like a CT story being written purely to fill space or something, and I think it's decent. But it's not part of a much larger and more complex story, it doesn't have a moral or "after school special"-type character growth to show, it's not in some experimental writing style and I'm not making up an entire world in my head. It's even sort of a sequel to something I wrote in a class a year ago, so the characters are already defined and stuff. Guy meets terrible killer he has a history with, guy gets talked into working for killer, nothing major goes wrong and the guy has some degree of control over his own life, guy is no longer afraid of the dark. End of story.

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