Friday, April 22, 2005

I just finished making a new, experimental Magic deck. After a little playing I found that it sucks, and most likely will continue to do so until I've got another two of a certain card. Still, though, I think it has potential, and it's an interesting concept. I traded some cards I wasn't using to Eric to beef up his discard/counter deck, and now it's more annoying than it was before, but what I got should be helpful.

Me, Kenny, Eric and Katye had a Magic drafting tournament last night and today. We did the first one a few weeks ago, and I came in second (after Kenny) and we all got a lot of good cards out of it. This time, however, I did a lot worse. I came in last. I don't think I played what I had *too* badly, but when it came to drafting the cards and making the deck - what was I thinking? It was ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, that's what my efforts to get a video card are turning into. A couple weeks ago, I ordered one. It got here, and I had to return it because I had ordered an AGP card - but my computer has a PCI slot. Duh. I thought I remembered what kind I needed from some time back when I did something similar, but I obviously remembered wrong. I should have checked. So I return that and order another one, and it gets in yesterday, and I'm standing around the store waiting for the receipt to print, and when I look at the box, I notice that, hey, this says it's an AGP too. A little checking, and it turns out that their distributor sent them the wrong item.

So at this rate, hopefully I'll have a video card by graduation. I'm crossing my fingers.

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