Friday, April 01, 2005

I went for a jog this morning, around the cemetary. It's been years since I've seriously got exercise outdoors, but I had to go by CVS today to pick up a prescription I had refilled, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. And besides, the weather was great. Sunny and in the fifties.

I haven't done much with myself today besides that. Watched TV, played Magic with Kenny and Katye, and later Katrina joined us. Spent some time reading e-mail.

This past week was bad, in terms of work. Wednesday I decided to get the day off to an early start - I even went to the gym in the morning - and was relatively industrious. In Seminar in Fiction one of the stories the class critiqued was mine. I got a lot of food for thought on it. The story was an idea I've always thought in the back of my mind about developing, and some comments pushed it closer to the front and gave me some ideas about how. (Or at least, how *not* to do it.)

The regular issue of the CT was pretty normal this week. I was very grateful to Rich for staying until we were done with all the copy editing. The production night for the April Fool's issue, however, sucked donkey balls. We had originally planned to be done with the issue by 7 p.m. Thursday night. That would give us plenty of time to work on it during the week before and would be a more than reasonable time to call it a night. However, when I showed up around 5:30 - I was getting paid to play computer games - and there were only two pages waiting for me and two or three editors in the place, it was a bad sign. Editors not showing up... editors leaving much earlier than they were supposed to... content still being written, by the editor, at midnight... a bad night. Sure, I was out of there by 1 a.m. or a little after so in one sense it's better than regular nights, but considering how it was supposed to be, how it could have been, it sucked.

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