Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Kevin and I have been working on our presentation for the Art and Politics class since Thursday. We've been gathering material since then on our chosen topic of art and its many uses in the 2004 presidential campaigns, but for a while we didn't really have a theme, anything to tie the whole thing together. But around midnight Monday I stumbled on an article that gave us a great idea and will be our main source. Unlike all our other print sources, it's not from the Web page of an activist or activist group, and it's not an article from a newspaper or news magazine. Before & After magazine, a graphic design industry magazine, had an article before the election comparing the two campaign's logos, which can be found here if you're curious. Relatively interesting stuff, if that's your sort of thing - wonkish and psychological, both of which are things I sort of like - but the point is, it's perfect for our presentation.

I just now finished some image editing in Microsoft Paint (I wish I had Photoshop, or anything else that's easier to use and has more options than Paint, but oh well, I'm not going to shop around for one right now) to put Bush's campaign logo in the same design as Kerry's and vice versa, to make the comparison that much more striking. It's not perfect - it's totally obvious which ones are professional and which ones are handmade - but still, I think it's a pretty damn good addition to the presentation.

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