Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The presentation went pretty well. It got rushed just because the group before us ran on and on, and there was a hilarious interruption when the VirtuaGirl program showed a pop-up on the screen of Kevin's laptop in the middle of the presentation, but still, it went well.

After that I came back and I noticed that Alexa was online, so I IMed her and we went for a walk. A long one - we walked up Wilson Boulevard, the one along the river, all the way to where it met Mt. Hope, and then we walked around the cemetary and finally came back from the other side. We talked a lot and caught up. Alexa's been a good friend of mine since freshman year, but we see very little of each other. It's just because we don't really have any interests or clubs in common and we're both pretty introverted, so we don't bump into each other and neither of us takes the initiative to plan a meeting too often. But it was nice. We talked and stuff and caught up for what was probably the first time since Christmas.

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