Sunday, May 01, 2005

I am:
"You're probably one of those people who still thinks that getting a blowjob is not an impeachable offense."

Are You A Republican?

Wow, so much? Some of my friends would probably be surprised that I wound up in positive numbers; Amanda Marcotte at, where I found the link to the quiz, got -%3.

About why I haven't posted here in a while: a combination of World of Warcraft and finals. I have a bunch of stuff to do. But I should be done by Wednesday, unless I forgot something. But in that case I won't be done until August probably, so... Nah, I'll be done Wednesday. I didn't do too badly at the stuff I've already done, and I have enough time to do decent jobs on what's left.

1 comment:

Kenny said...

I got 17%. So, I'm a little less Republican than you. Still... I think you have to hit the Marxist button for negative numbers.