Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Biked 10 miles first thing yesterday morning. Not bad at all. I've got a sore knee to show for it, but hey.

The job hunt is still on. My dad had talked to Andy Kirkaldy, one of the writers for the Addison Independent, and he was told that Andy wanted to take a vacation for a couple weeks this summer but might need someone to fill in for him. So this morning I went over there and met the guy. We didn't talk much because their deadline was noon, but I'm going back tomorrow and hopefully we'll actually get to talk. How much I'd get paid for this is very dubious, but at the moment I'm not doing much anyways, so until I hear back from someone I've got no reason not to. And I'd have a byline in a real paper, biweekly - if the CT looks good, this would look even better.

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