Thursday, June 09, 2005

Good news on the job front: I got asked to come in for an interview. Apparently they liked my writing samples. Bad news: it's in a town outside Rochester! Well, if I can't convince them to let me interview by phone, I'll just have to drive over there Wednesday afternoon, interview Thursday morning and come back that night. I have at least two friends (possibly more, depending on if they're still in the area for the summer, in some cases, and if they're still friends, in other cases) who live close enough to it that I could spend the night at their place, if I absolutely had to.

An unequivocal piece of good news, meanwhile, is that the Addison Independent did indeed have a job for me. As it turns out, it is unpaid, but as I said, an internship with a real newspaper is a good resume builder if nothing else. And besides, it's not like I don't have the time. I already have a first assignment - some local woman completed her master's degree entirely online - and unless it proves impossible to find this woman, it should be an easy story.

I almost want to get a briefcase. Not quite, but almost. Yes, it would be expensive, unnecessary, and it would barely get used unless I get a certain type of job. But am I the only person who thinks I look like a high school student when I walk into a place looking for a job with my resume and writing samples in a backpack on my back?


Ophelia said...

Town outisde of Rochester?? Is this for a paper of some sort? Its not Wayne County or Webster is it?? (If it is, RUN!!)
I'll be out of town at a wedding while you're in town, but good luck!!

Cyrus said...

No, it's for a latte machine company. Sounds weird, I know. But they want someone to write about how great their machines are and write reviews of the various kinds of lattes it makes, or something.

And happily, I won't be in town. I called them, and they don't mind doing it by phone.