Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mowed the lawn today. It was 90 degrees most of the time. Normally I'm hesitant to take my parents' money for mowing. Sure, I take it because it's hard to say no to "here's $20," and after all I don't have a real job yet, but I don't ask, I don't remind them, I take whatever rate they suggest. Because I feel I should be independent, and I especially feel that if I'm going to be hanging around here I should make some effort to earn my keep, and mowing the lawn seems to be one of the best ways to work toward that. But the point is, normally I don't want to take their money - but after today, hell yeah. I think mowing in 90 degree weather counts as going above and beyond.

We also set up air conditioning units, which should really help with the heat. At least in the bedrooms.

I tried to get started on that Addison Independent story today, but it figures - there are six listings for the woman's last name in Bridport, none of which have her first name. I called the one with her husband's first name, and the woman who picked up told me it was a wrong number. But with any luck at all, I should be able to find her at work tomorrow, so...

Heh. For all I know it's karma. My normal response when a caller mangles our name is to assume it's a telemarketer, say "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number," and hang up. Well, this person I'm looking for has a weird last name. So what if the woman who picked up the phone was her, but I accidentally mispronounced her last name and she did to me what I usually do to people I think are telemarketers?

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