Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Yesterday I went up to Gretchen's in Burlington around 2 or 2:30 in the afternoon to say hi and hang out and stuff. Talked, she showed me her World of Warcraft character and I showed her mine, compared notes on a series of books we're reading, etc. After that I went into town and did some shopping and reading, but mostly just killed time until the game night started at Quarterstaff Games. Good times. There was a pretty big crowd there at first. At the end there was just six of us left, playing a game of Emperor, a style of team game. It didn't end until 11:30, because one guy was playing an incredibly weird deck. A lot of the time we got hung up just trying to figure out what was supposed to happen.

Today I went for a bike ride first thing. Other than (as always, heh) playing around with my Magic decks and writing a third (and hopefully final...) draft of that story for the Addison Independent, I didn't do much.

Oh yeah, almost forgot - I've been taking for granted that I would just take the bus to Rochester on Friday to catch my plane. It wasn't until my dad said, "Isn't it a 10-hour bus ride?" and reminded me that my plane left at 5 p.m. that I thought, "oh, fuck." A little research and trial and error later, and it seems that I could take the bus from Albany and make it in plenty of time. Still, though, I really need to plan ahead more.

Oh well. It's not nearly as bad as it seemed when I was looking airfares and ticket prices up. This sort of thing - procrastination, in this case - is a general problem for me to work on, not a disaster or a crippling character flaw.

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