Saturday, July 23, 2005

Finished unpacking, pretty much. Unfortunately, my computer's surge protector and optical mouse didn't turn up. I've looked everywhere I could think of, and they apparently are not in the house. The surge protector doesn't matter - while looking I came across one or two spares belonging to my parents - but I want the mouse. It's not cordless, but I don't care about that because it's still a lot better than a mouse with a trackball. No moving parts to get dirty and stuck, that sort of thing. And even though this computer is getting pretty old and I'm already looking at replacements, I'm seriously considering a laptop, which probably wouldn't come with any mouse, let alone an optical one. Earlier I was considering biking to that computer supply store on Route 7, but I came to my senses. My parents might have some ideas of where to look, and after all it's not like I'd go into withdrawal if I can't get my computer up and running this very day.

Possible locations for the missing parts.
1. Still in a box. I wouldn't mention it, but lost items always seem to turn up in places like that. Over the winter I looked all over the place for my hat from Nantes and was bummed that I had lost it somewhere, but when I packed to leave UR in May I found it on the wrong side of the closet shelf, under a bag - I just hadn't looked there. For all I know I packed the mouse with my hand-held vacuum cleaner to save space and it's still there or something. But still, this is a long shot.

2. Still in the car (which is now at Mr. Up's, because Zoe drove it to work.) I doubt this, because I don't remember putting them in loose, but I didn't do a final check of the car before I put Zoe's bags of thrift-store clothes back in. It's worth looking again, when I bike into town or just when she comes back.

3. Somewhere in the house. Again, doubt it, because I've looked everywhere I can think of, but who knows. This would mean I brought it back with me in mid-May. (It just occurred to me that there was something I had left in the bottom of my suitcase for lack of anything better to do with it - was this it?)

4. Still in the storage shed. Hope not, because I won't even know for another month. And I doubt it, because I was more alert loading up the shed than I was unloading it and I had my dad helping me, and I thought we packed all my stuff on top of itself - if they're still in there, my dad or I had a brain fart or Kenny moved my things around, because I really couldn't have missed one more bag of mine in the corner yesterday.*

5. Still in the dorm. The chances of three "reasonably intelligent" people not noticing one last bag in a room that's been reduced to the original dorm furnishings seem like one in a thousand, but the mouse and surge protector have to be somewhere.

As far as searching the house goes there's no point looking under the rug and in with the staples, but I can check the boxes and car again, so I guess I'll go do that now.

* If Kenny or Seth can prove I did in fact do this**, I'll kill them and delete this entry. No evidence.

** On the other hand, if one of them moved my stuff around after I left, I'll never let them forget it. Their fault. Ha!

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