Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today's blog post brought to you from... my room.

My new computer is set up and running. I still have to install a lot of programs, but it's online, obviously, and it has the essentials.

One of those programs that needs installing is actually a re-install: iTunes. It came with the computer, but I used my iPod to move some files over from my old computer to this, and every time I plugged the iPod in iTunes refused to let me use it if I didn't configure the iPod to go with this computer, thereby losing all the files meticulously saved on it. But uninstall iTunes, and the computer read the iPod like any portable hard drive. Cool. If only I had figured out that would happen before the first time I tried, which wiped out all the files on the iPod...

Oh well. It's not like they're actually lost, because they were on the old computer, they were just deleted from the iPod. (Except for some TV episodes I had downloaded and saved only on the iPod to save space on the computer. Oh well.) I'll have a ton of organizing to do getting everything into its folder and proper file associations, and downloading software that I take for granted like AIM and skins for media players and game patches. But I'm typing this on a computer in my own room with a wireless connection, a flat screen (yes! I know it's sort of stupid to make my purchasing decisions now based on what my needs were when I was in college, but I grew to loathe lugging that enormous screen around every time I set up the computer), four times the RAM of the computer downstairs and almost three times the memory of my old computer.

Thank you, mom and dad, this was a great birthday/graduation present.

Damn, though, I haven't been sleeping well lately for some reason or other, and this will not improve matters. :)

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