Thursday, August 18, 2005

Biked to work this morning. Took me 22 minutes to go what mapquest says is 3.9 miles. It wasn't a bad ride at all, but despite what I was saying at first I'll probably do it rarely. Two reasons: it takes longer than driving, and going out to get lunch would be a much bigger production so I'll be packing lunch... on a day when I want to be aerodynamic and will be hungrier than usual after exercise.

Heh, and as you can tell by what I've devoted so much thought and writing to, it's been sort of slow. :) I've spent most of the past few days putting labels in dividers for workshops coming up in September. I've spent quite a bit of time lately playing World of Warcraft - my dwarf finally hit level 40, w00t! But he can't afford a mount. And I got so sick of riding back and forth from one zone to another all the time that I started a new character - a mage, just because they have the spell teleport.

Still going to the Magic game nights in Burlington and having fun there. Other than that... no news, really.

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