Monday, August 29, 2005

I thought this was hilarious! (Blogging at work again. Oh well.)

Talk about correlations between race, literally a superficial characteristic, and other factors about a person that aren't, go back hundreds of years. The Bell Curve, and some book by its authors that just barely came out which makes similar suggestions about women, clarified the discussion at the same time it became more complicated. This post is the first one I've seen that suggests that the disadvantaged race is the white one, though. And coincidentally, it has the closest one to facts backing it up AND an explanation of the methods of it, by looking at albinism in animals and talking about the importance of melanin.

Clearly this page is a joke. Or at least, clearly it's not meant to have any wider implications than some anecdotes about albinism. All I ask of the people peddling pseudo-science in various fields these days is that they put as much time into their work as this person did into his. If nothing else, it would be a lot more entertaining and make for much better stories.

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