Monday, October 03, 2005

For a good chunk of last week I was pretty depressed. My utter lack of a love life and to an extent even a social life, and, worse, the improbability of one happening any time soon, were hitting home. But Gretchen and I got together Saturday afternoon and we talked a lot, and it helped. I can't say my situation or attitude is any different - but if nothing else, my mood is. It was good to get that stuff off my chest.

Also, my sister came back this past weekend while my parents were gone - they got away for the weekend to celebrate their 30th anniversary, and she came up just to take a weekend off from school and work and stuff. Other than me taking a little more responsibility for feeding and cleaning up after the animals than usual, it was pretty normal.

And now that her visit is over with and I'm settled in at work more or less, it's time to get halfway serious about painting my room. When I get all my stuff organized - not just "most of it organized" but "all of it ready to be put in the hall for a while" - I'm probably going to move into Zoë's room for a few weeks while I/we, finally, do something about the ridiculous paint job in my room.

That's the biggest way I finally have to move into the Middlebury house after only being there on vacations for five years, but there are a lot of little ones. For example, I've been meaning to buy a soap dish - nothing fancy, just something that would go in a shower that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount - because when Zoë went off to college, she took some of our bathroom stuff with her.

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