Friday, November 18, 2005

Huh. That last post linked to some of my previous posts, and in the process of looking back I noticed quite a few drafts that I never published. In most cases I think it was just because I wanted to add more to them or "refine" them, or I wanted to take time to think over how controversial it would look. But considering what I just said Wednesday about brevity, adding more would probably just be bloat. And as for controversy - hell with it. I blog pseudo-anonymously*, nothing I've said here in the past is really out-of-bounds, and I have at least three readers and maybe up to thirteen, but almost definitely not thirty, so who cares?

And I think two of those old posts are as worth putting up here as anything is. So the next two posts were originally written several months ago.

* I mean, sure, there's all kinds of stuff about my personal life here, and more than a bit about my friends and co-workers. Just going with what I've said here and what I've linked to, a person could figure out pretty much everything about me. But unless I'm forgetting something, my full name doesn't appear anywhere here, and neither do my friends' full names or my place of work [at least, not after a few edits I just made]. You can get from the blog to me, but I don't see how you can get from me to the blog.

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