Saturday, December 03, 2005

Almost finished reading Al Franken's latest book, The Truth (With Jokes). I've been very slow about it by any standards, let alone mine. Partly just the fact that I have lots more to do with my time than I did when I read Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them, and partly because I think it's not as good. There's the inevitable sequel handicap, and also the fact that I pay more attention to politics now than I did two years ago so a lot of what he talks about is old news to me. But also, it just... seems to fall flat more, and comes across as bitter and refighting-the-election far too often.

However, he's talking about post-war reconstruction in Iraq, and he mentions a particular "security" company that got several contracts. (And it goes without saying, bilked the government for millions.) The company is named Custer Battles LLC.

Custer Battles. Post-war reconstruction was implemented in part by Mr. Custer and his partner Mr. Battles. It was run from the top down by people who thought Custer Battles was reliable. Business management genuises who named anything "Custer Battles," let alone a security contractor, were considered competent to rebuild a country.

Call me crazy, I found that funny.

"Thank you for calling the law offices of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe, may I help you?"

"Oh come on, anti-German prejudice hasn't been popular in America for two hundred years. Steven Hitler has a great chance of getting elected!"

And who ever thought Trojan was a good name? "Let's see, we need something that implies sneaking a bunch of seamen through the walls where they'll spill out and attack..."
- Mark "Kamikaze" Hughes

"I think we should name our new company Custer Battles. It really projects strength and sounds all-American."

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Pepper said...

Custer??? Gee, almost all those companies have these burly man-names, and they go with Custer. Seems they have a smidge more self-awareness ... but it's more likely that they have no clue.