Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So at a guess, what do you think the odds are of my sister and I contracting some kind of flu-like virus, and showing the same symptoms - vomiting, fever, all that fun stuff - within half an hour of each other? But on the other hand, what are the odds of us being the only two people getting food poisoning out of a group of ten people at the table? Because it's got me stumped.

My family spent yesterday with my dad's family - my aunt Laurie and her twin daughters Raina and Maron (dammit, they've had their hair colored differently for more than a year now, I should not have such a hard to telling them apart), and my dad's cousin (?) Leigh and her husband Ken and son Sky. So there were ten of us having dinner at a restaurant in Hanover yesterday, and of them, only my sister and I got sick, apparently. My sister thinks it was the cheddar cheese on our sandwiches, since we were probably the only people to have it, but my dad still thinks it's just coincidental flus... who knows.

On another note, I'm definitely getting myself tested for allergies soon. I could have sworn I was allergic to aspirin but not ibuprofen (I've never had it tested, it's just guesswork based on hives I get after certain kinds of medicines), but based on the red blotches I have now either it's ibuprofen too or it's ibuprofen instead or it's changed since the last time I used a painkiller...

God bless us, everyone.

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