Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Argh. Stressful day. The biggest cause was that (rationally or not) it feels like the incident I refer to here - sorry to be coy, but the situation is still unresolved, for reasons which are annoying but not entirely unreasonable - might actually wind up making my job situation worse rather than better.

But also, things are just hectic. Yesterday morning, my boss asked me to write an article about an event in Hawaii last week. The deadline he gave me was by the end of the day today. However, I would need to talk to at least a couple people in schools. Yesterday being what it was, and Hawaii's time zone being what it was, I only had about four hours to write the article - doable, of course, but unpleasant, especially around other responsibilities. As it turns out, it's not done yet, but I expect to e-mail it in before bed tonight, so that should work out okay. And then a couple people at the office had a family problem and had to leave on short notice, and we have much fewer progress assessments in than we should at this point... as I said, hectic.

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