Wednesday, February 08, 2006

To follow up on my post a couple weeks ago (a couple weeks ago, but only four posts ago? Wow, I've been lazy about this), we do good work here. This is from a story of which I finished the first draft yesterday.

For most [FC]* students, college was not even on the radar. Almost 90 percent of FC students live below the poverty level, and almost 15 percent are homeless. But thanks to [us] and the Science Academy, they are becoming more and more prepared for college. Many of the students have decided that they want to be scientists of all kinds, from meteorologists to inventors. They know they will need to go to college for that, but they also know that college is within reach. “I believe that if I work hard, stay in the science academy, I can get a scholarship to college and study chimps one day,” Ashley said, who wanted to be an animal behaviorist like Jane Goodall.


To Timmy, one fourth grader at FC, just meeting college students was memorable. “This year in the 4th grade science academy class we had the opportunity to work with real college students,” he wrote in an essay about the visit, which he titled “Have you ever met a college student?”

This is from my version, before anyone else has seen it. And while there's promotion in there, obviously, there are also quotes and percentages.

If every story assignment I got had a topic like that, this job would be much easier.

* Brackets just to keep identifying details to a minimum. Realistically I probably don't need to worry about this stuff, but I've heard about a controversy or two, so better safe than sorry. Right now it's impossible to find this blog by Googling me or anything, and I want to keep it that way.

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