Monday, April 24, 2006

A comment made only half-jokingly that I keep on hearing around the office is that every business in Middlebury is either a lawyer's office - I can't speak to that myself, but it's impossible to notice the second - or a restaurant. Well, in a discussion about a certain Chinese restaurant (one of two, and possibly three if someone's plans bear fruit), one of the Johns in the office pointed out this article. One specific part of it jumped out at me, and made me laugh.
The restaurant remained open until about 2 a.m. with no major problems. Next week will see some changes, such as the elimination of glass bottles, an additional bouncer and perhaps a wider offering of drinks at slightly steeper prices. There may also be a student DJ. The goal, however, stresses Davy, is not to make money on a Wednesday night or to turn May Garden into a bar. His main objective is to promote his restaurant and draw a bigger crowd from the College for the food side of the business. His hope is that Middlebury students will come in on a Wednesday night, have a good time and then return to the restaurant for meals and take-out.

If you think about it, if the first statement were true, they wouldn't need to make the plans mentioned in the second one, would they...

At first, my parents and some other people were even more excited about me getting this job than I was. There could be other reasons for this too, but being outright exuberant is just rarely in my nature. But I think seeing my stories get picked up by other news outlets feels as good as if not better than getting the job in the first place. I've gone to three or four meetings of the Bristol selectboard now, and one of the selectmen has been unofficially encouraging others to stop signing tobacco licenses, which would effectively ban the sale of cigarettes and stuff in Bristol. I wrote an article about it a couple weeks ago... and since then, the CBS affiliate and the Rutland Herald have also covered it, and an editorial in another paper referred to it in passing.

Never mind what I think of the issue itself; we're bragging here! :)

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