Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's been a while since I've posted. No particular reason; I just haven't thought of and/or got around to it. Sort of regret it too, since there were things I wanted to write about. Oh well.

Things today are largely overall the same as the last time I posted: the paper is keeping me busy, I still need to learn some things about working there but overall I'm doing fine, the latest fun challenge in World of Warcraft (or beating my head against the wall depending on how you look at it) is getting the looong tier 1.5 upgrade quest chain...

Crap. Deep thoughts and an upgrade on my personal life will have to wait; I was writing this while reading something else and I just noticed that I have to go to work. (Going in late because I'm meeting with someone in Bristol to talk about a story, but it's 8:40 now and it's about 20 minutes to Bristol.) Figures. And there was something else I wanted to do during my unusual amount of free time this morning... Well, letthatbealessondontprocrastinate.

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