Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Posting from work, unfortunately. (Procrastination, sure, but if I'm going to do it, there are few better times than Tuesday morning, I guess.) I still don't have Internet access in the apartment. In fact, when I left this morning I didn't even have power — sometime yesterday afternoon the previous tenant called CVPS to close her account. I called yesterday to get power back on, and the customer service person said their technicians were busy fixing outages due to the storm. I said screw it, I didn't want to pay an extra fee to get my power on right away if even the fee might not do the trick.

So let's just say I was glad I knew where I had packed my flashlight, and I should get power back sometime today.

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A. Azuri said...

The stormbursts have been insane up north in B-Town. There was water up to my ankles a couple of days ago, and it changed weather every five minutes today.