Monday, December 18, 2006

I've decided to stop feeling guilty about not posting here. Fuck it. I write an average of 3,000 characters a day for work*; adding 2,000-character posts here on top of that** might be nice, and it might be good for me to cover topics different from at work, but it's 110 percent optional.

And, more in the vein of thinking aloud than anything else: there are a number of new links to the right. This kind of continues my trend of making this a personal homepage which happens to be in blog format. I have my timekillers and resources for my hobbies down the right, and I can search archives to see when something happened that I want to think about, and so on. Thoughts that I want to reach an audience are almost vestigial here. They'll still show up here and there, and the old ones are in the archives, but...

New-to-me links are on top, which is how it's been for a while but not forever. I have a policy of not deleting any links, sort of as a historical record of what I've found interesting or relevant. The exception is three blogs - one political and two personal - which had basically become exercises in self-flagellation for me. Everything else stays whether or not I still find it interesting, or even whether or not there is any new content to find interesting.

And I don't want to try to do this right now because I have quite a bit more stuff to get done tonight, but let me write down here just in case I forget that the next post will probably be some self-reflection, which has some slight chance of being more meaningful than my usual dithering. But regardless of whether I stick to my plan for the next post's meaningfulness or even topic - which is certainly not a given - it will probably quote most of a chapter from "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish."

Wow, what an enticing teaser.

* Assuming about five stories are published under my byline a week, and each one is about 3,000 characters long, that's 3,000 characters/day. But that's still a conservative estimate, considering that with my usual writing style I'll type up all my notes before crafting any story, meaning I tend to type a lot more than goes into a finished article. An easy but inefficient method, a habit to try to get out of... the kind of thing I'll address around, you know, some time around Groundhog Day, if not my summer vacation.

** The new text in the previous two posts - as in, not counting stuff blockquoted from elsewhere - was just a little over 2,000 in both cases. Which feels about right for me. There's no point in a fragmented "click the link" posting style, and long-winded posts, whether reflective (about me) or responsive (about news), just plain aren't fun most of the time. Of course, I seem to looove my digressions, which sure do their part to expand post lengths...

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