Monday, January 15, 2007

An annoying thing about living within walking distance of work is that it's almost impossible to shave any more time off my trip there. If I'm in a rush for some hypothetical reason or want to spend less time than usual outside or something... tough.

Over the weekend it snowed, but right now it's just raining. Freezing rain. It might look pretty as a glistening pristine crust over a backyard, but it forces people to fumble with umbrellas through their mittens, test the resilience of car windows as they hammer solid sheets of ice off instead of just brushing snow away, and say "Hey God, I was asking for some powder snow to keep the ski areas from filing for bankruptcy and ruining the local economy, and maybe even get outdoors once or twice this winter myself. I know you think this is funny, but fuck off!"

The point is, I walked to work this morning like usual, and it's not like I got soaking wet, but it was still a pain. And I'm not going straight back to my apartment after work, so I wanted to have my car with me. So after lunch, I drove back to the office instead of walking. Which meant getting out the scraper.

In a rational evaluation of my needs and time demands and stuff, it's dumb to complain. After all, living close to work is living close to work. But who's rational 24/7? All I know is, scraping ice and snow off a car was 10 times more annoying than usual when I could think to myself "I could be halfway there by now" before I had even got the front windows done.

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