Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sweet fancy Moses, it's ugly out there. If this isn't the most severe snowstorm I've seen, it's in the top three. I'm sure some people can chime in to say that a foot of snow in a day isn't that surprising, and some people I know have lived in Vermont longer and/or seen some recent winters that I missed when I was elsewhere, but still... damn. At some point yesterday, predicted 10 to 15 inches for Middlebury over the course of today. We have at least that much already, and now predicts 8 to 12 inches more.

I can't avoid working tomorrow (but then, if people will be taking snow days everywhere else, which seems at least halfway likely, then what will there be for me to do?), but I'll seriously consider working from right here at home. If I can get one file e-mailed to me, and one e-mail in my work account forwarded to my personal address, then...

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