Monday, March 19, 2007

Heh, um, is this really front-page news?
Workers dismantle Herald press
March 19, 2007
By Gordon Dritschilo Herald Staff
It is the end of an era. More than a year after being shut down, the Rutland Herald's press is being carted away.

Workers arrived Sunday morning to begin disassembling the sprawling machine that has occupied the Herald's basement for decades, making way for a planned distribution center. The six-unit Urbanite press was installed in the mid-1960s and put out millions of news pages in its time.

Front-page, above the fold, with a four-column picture in today's Rutland Herald. Impressive treatment for, you know, a change in their own office machinery.

I dunno, I shouldn't make too much out of this. There's a little in there about changing trends in publishing, and it's not actually a bad story; I've written worse. (Mine rarely get the front-page treatment, though.) There's no reason a paper can't do anything for themselves, like running a half-page feature on a retiring staff member or something. It's just that my gut reaction on seeing that on their front page was, "Slow news day?" Followed closely by "Now why don't I ever get story assignments that easy?"

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