Friday, March 30, 2007

It's been interesting and unusual at work for the past month or so.

First of all, I kinda regret this post. It almost seems like saying "How could things get worse?" after a relatively minor accident, only to see it immediately start pouring rain, comic book-style. A story I'm writing this morning is about someone who won an award, and she used to work with my father. About two weeks ago or so, I talked to someone for a different story, and her high school guidance counselor is my mother. And around Town Meeting Day my dad came to me with a vague story idea, which I worked on a bit, doing some of the online research and calling some people in government. I worked on it long enough to figure out two things: it really was definitely story-worthy, and we might even be able to break state news, which very rarely happens since we aren't a daily paper; and my dad's school is the only one in the county affected by it, so I reeeally couldn't write it. In the end I passed some detailed notes off to another reporter and had a note at the end of the story that I contributed to it, and was relieved to see that my part turned out to be pretty minor in the end.

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