Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The way my editor eats, he makes a 50-year-old with food allergies look like a college student during finals.

I just watched him pull a pepper out of his jacket pocket. Not in a plastic bag or anything, just a section of about a third of a green bell pepper. He said he had it because he or his wife had cut too much for their daughter's lunch or something and since his daughter wouldn't eat it, he figured it would go well with his liverwurst later today, so he stuck it in his pocket. I've seen him eat things that I wouldn't consider putting in my mouth, and I don't generally think of myself as picky. And let's be clear: I wouldn't eat this stuff not because it's bad for you or because it tastes bad, but because it's damn gross. The pepper in a pocket that inspired the post just happened five minutes ago, but the quintessential example was a banana so black that it was bent almost double without breaking the peel. That thing was probably fermented.

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