Sunday, April 29, 2007

Argh. I was just talking to my dad on the phone, and since he just got back from a trip to China recently, the conversation was mostly me asking him questions, and at one point I caught myself reaching for a pen and notepad because he had said a couple sentences that sounded especially quotable. As if I were writing an article. About my dad. And I caught myself thinking in those terms later on as well, just repeating key phrases to myself or something. Either I got way too little sleep last night, or I've been working way too hard.

And I should elaborate on that. Working "too hard" may sound weird in light of how I'm so often worrying about procrastination. But I do put in long hours, regardless of whether the work during that time is intense or not. This very morning, for example, I was with the selectboard and a town road guy from about 8 a.m. to about noon. I wouldn't even wonder if this quirk was caused by too little sleep, if not for the fact that the actual work this morning was very little like an interview over the phone.

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