Monday, July 23, 2007

Amusingly enough, this comic from way back in February was surprisingly accurate.

Well, okay, it's not that accurate. Harry Potter does not, in fact, "sell Hermione to a nunnery." And Harry's final confrontation with Voldemort doesn't take place in a graveyard. But other than that...

One thing I thought was interesting was the Christian imagery in this book. Maybe I was primed to read that sort of thing into the book whether it was actually there or not after six books of talk about love and sacrifice and death, and also talk about backlash against the books by religious groups (this is a more amusing example than the well-known Christian ones), or maybe I noticed it because it actually was there. When an important sword with virtuous connotations is described as a "silver cross," well, that might be Christian but then again it might be Arthurian, since the sword was under water at the time.

On the other hand, there's a scene where Harry assumes that a reference to life after death is talking about Voldemort's style of necromancy, and he has to be tenderly reminded that it means something more positive for most people. It was a vivid reminder of the bleak kind of life that Harry has lived. "Wow, this kid has had such a rough life that he assumes a bit of ceremonial deism, a very common idea even if oddly phrased in this particular case, means the same thing as the Dark Lord's goal? Ouch."

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