Saturday, July 21, 2007

I finished reading Harry Potter!

That is all. Details will follow later - good book, I like what she did there, holy shit I can't believe it, etc.

Predictions that were made: well, I guess it wouldn't be kind to spoil it. I can say two things, though: my personal guess for the number of main characters to die turned out to be exactly right, and I thought that Snape and/or Draco would have bigger roles than they did at the climax. I mean, they did have big roles, but they weren't... well, I should stop.


katye said...

Me, I read the synopsis on Wikipedia. Book six has been sitting desolately on my shelf the past year waiting for book seven to be released so I could check the ending and decide if they were worth reading or not.

Yes, book five traumatized me that much.

Cyrus said...

Seriously? Wow. I kinda remember talking to you about it and that you didn't like it that much, but I wouldn't have guessed traumatized. What was it about the book?