Friday, August 10, 2007

I was at the county fair yesterday and I happened to spend quite a bit of time in the children's barn, with all the bunnies and miniature horses and educational exhibits involving chicks hatching. There were two reasons: according to the schedule there was an event going on there that I thought would be worth writing about (although either the schedule was wrong or I was wrong that it was newsworthy; I couldn't find it and no one knew about it), and I just like small cute animals. As I finally get close to the popular pen with a mother pig and a bunch of week-old piglets running around, a woman and three kids were standing next to me. I'd estimate that the oldest was 10 or 12, and there were two others, only six or eight or so.

“They’re cute when they’re small,” said the tallest of the three. “Look, they’re butting their heads together.”
And then, the smallest of the three girls, who happened to be the one standing closest to me, said, “I think they kill the smallest."

Maybe I'm contagious.

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Grety said...

Lol, it's funny to see how morbid little kids can get without realizing it.