Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blogging from New Mexico, at my uncle Mark and aunt Susan's house while on vacation. Good times. Saturday was just travel and recovering from it. Sunday was a hike through some state land (we picked prickly pears from a cactus my uncle Mark had found a few days before; I was the only person who didn't wind up bleeding), and we planned on going to a fundraiser for a local nonprofit at a wine bar in the evening, but decided to take it easy instead. Yesterday Mark and I drove a couple hours, stopping at a store on the way where I got a couple souvenirs, to a park with some cliff dwellings from around 1200 AD or so, which was also quite a hike, and had a leisurely evening and watched "Good Night and Good Luck," which Mark and Susan own. Good movie; I hadn't seen it before. It was good and informative and stuff, but the part that I'd call the most "fun" was the part about Liberace trying to act heterosexual. I guess that makes me a bad political enthusiast.

Also, I have found yet another unconventional source of my news: I learned here that Robert Jordan died. (When the next comic is posted to that page that link won't work, of course. In case I forget to fix it, it's the Sept. 18 comic.) To be clear, it's true according to Google News, but I found out about it through the comic strip, which I thought was funny. This is sad, obviously, but Randy (Something Positive author/artist) had the right idea: fans are justified in freaking out. I'm not, partly because I'm reasonably confident in those "precautions," but mostly because I'm jaded.

Also, remember this? Well, I did some cooking. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, unfortunately. I wanted to make an apple crisp sort of thing, but I messed up the recipe and it turned out to be more like an apple pie with no crust. But it tasted fine, and it was a good first try (not first time cooking, of course, but first time baking something by myself? probably), so overall: yay me!

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