Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One nice thing about this vacation is that I'm catching up on my reading a bit. I have probably about 10 books in my apartment which I've never read. Several of them were gifts, whether directly or as gift certificates. A few more books I don't particularly care about came bundled with things I bought that I actually did want, like some Magic: the Gathering novelizations. And the rest, I bought to expand my horizons or simply out of habit. As a teen and in the first few years of college, I read a whole lot, but between a full-time job and hobbies like World of Warcraft, not so much lately. So when I'd find myself in a bookstore to get a comic book, or the latest installment of a series I liked like 1632 or the Dresden Files, I'd get something else too that looked new and kinda interesting, and just never get around to reading it.

So I brought three as-yet-unread books with me. So far I've finished one, "Mirrorshades," a collection of cyberpunk short stories; and I'm nearly finished with Distraction, by Bruce Sterling; and I plan to read the collection of essays about modern political freedom next. Maybe I should have even brought more, since I've finished a Western novel of my aunt's as well, but sooner or later I would have run into the limits of what I could fit in my backpack anyway.

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