Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I know it's weird how I'm getting back into posting a bit after a hiatus from October 2008 to June 2009, and/or weird how three of the last four posts were about purely geeky stuff. I'm no more into WoW and comic books than usual, I don't think, I just seem to have more to say about it than usual.

Other stuff that's going on: a relationship ended weekend before last. Obviously, that sucks and I'm a bit depressed about it, but I had only known her for six weeks so I just can't be all that broken up by it. It was a learning experience, it was fun while it lasted, que sera sera. This past Labor Day weekend I watched two summer blockbusters at a local second-run theater - great place - that I had missed when they were in normal theaters, and I went on a guided tour of Roosevelt Island - also a pretty cool place. A fun weekend, marred only by (a) rain, (b) bad political news and (c) the lack of anything more than just "fun."

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