Friday, February 12, 2010

Ugh. Tired, even though I got to work two hours late. And the snow had nothing to do with that, except very indirectly and except for providing an excuse. I just got very little sleep last night, and got to work late mainly because I had to make a stop first.

It's funny, with a week off due to snow, I would expect to have got more accomplished. But no, shoveling burned a fair amount of energy that otherwise might have driven me to get something done without even trying. And most days off weren't assured until the morning or late the night before, so I couldn't plan on having the time free. And I unexpectedly wound up spending a lot of time with a friend, so that ate up free time I might otherwise have spent on work like cleaning.

Meh. Excuses. And I shouldn't make plans or attempt deep thought on as little sleep as I got last night. Maybe I'll get to cleaning over this coming weekend - and we don't even know how long it will last, considering that yet more snow is forecast for Monday, but it'll be at least three days. Or maybe that isn't as important an issue as managing my social life better, or maybe I should get serious about the big things I've been saying I want to do for months but haven't actually pursued. Or maybe I'll continue to put all of that off, because plans are coalescing for another few days with friends again this weekend. All or any of that, however, will have to wait until after I've slogged through this workday, done some shopping on my way home (including hopefully dropping off my coat for repairs...), and got 10 hours of sleep tonight.

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Jon said...

I suffer from bad sleep - it sucks! Try Muscle tensing before bed - you tens each muscle group individually for 5 seconds each 3 times - works for me!