Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's been two years since I was a reporter, but it still tickles me to read about national news covering stories and/or people I wrote about myself. (Or in one case, someone I was friends with while I was a reporter, although the way I knew him had nothing to do with work.) Like this, for example. In a recent Express there was an article about it, even briefer than that, and I almost laughed out loud on the bus. This is in a tiny town with about 1,800 people and I think probably fewer than five retail businesses, but their revolutionary wildlife program is apparently national news. I had written about two previous attempts to get that project going, and I guess they finally made it. Awww... (I couldn't find a link to my article about previous attempts at the salamander project, because the Web site of the newspaper I used to work for doesn't have great online archives. You can find plenty of stuff if you Google my name plus that town, though.)

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