Sunday, April 11, 2010

My World of Warcraft account got hacked. I thought I was doing OK with computer security, but obviously not. Actually, just yesterday I installed an addon to make finding something for a certain quest a little easier, and the hacker was in my account around 8 or 9 this morning, so it's a safe bet that the spyware came from there. And I thought that nothing could be safer than getting a familiar, popular addon from a site everyone uses. Whoops!

Oh well. I'm told it can take a week to get all the stuff restored, and this morning I ordered an account authenticator (another product of Blizzard's which supposedly can completely protect against this... which I just never bothered with because I thought I was doing OK on my own. I suck) and the delivery time will probably be about a week. So it seems I'll be taking a vacation from WoW.

Other than that, good times. T.'s parents have been in town visiting and doing tourist-type stuff, and I've been hanging out with her and them a lot. It's a bit annoying hanging out with parents, but, meh, it's fun just going to new restaurants and seeing museums with them all too.


Richard said...

What was the addon you installed?

Cyrus said...

Cartographer. I've used it before, but not since 3.3, so I wanted to get the newest version.

Cyrus said...

And the site I downloaded it from was