Monday, April 19, 2010

On Saturday I was going to the White House garden with my girlfriend. They wouldn't let me in with my Leatherman pocket knife, so we turned around and left, which sucked. There was no place I could leave it at the security checkpoint. It was throw the pocketknife in the trash or leave. Sure, it's partly my fault, I should have read the ticket when we left the apartment - or just slipped the thing on T.'s bag, because I've taken that on planes before, though, in my carry-on luggage, with no problems. Also, they let me through the metal detector with my sunglasses case (metal) in my back pocket, which I had honestly forgotten about. Apparently, based on my experience with airport security, a pocket knife is only a security risk if the security guard personally sees you take it out of your pocket and put it on your bag. Other than that, though, meh, no problem, go right through.

Stupid security theather.

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