Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ugh. Mild headache all day today. Probably just caused by a little too much beer last night and staying up too late and then getting up too early this morning. No good reason for that, I was just watching TV.

In addition to tiredness, stress or busyness more generally is probably making things a bit worse. Planning to move in with T. is going well so far - that was the lifestyle change I vaguely alluded to before, but there's no need to be vague about it now, I don't think - but it's a bit annoying how gung-ho she has been about this.

She says she doesn't mind that she's doing almost all the work of looking for a place (we've visited at least six places together, she's seen a few more on her own, and she's answered at least a dozen more ads that turned out to be scams or otherwise didn't lead to visits), and I believe her, but I mind. I don't want to be that guy - the juvenile slacker getting led around by his significant other just because he can't be bothered to contribute. The problem is, I also don't want to be gung-ho about this, both by temperament and because there's no point. She doesn't need to be out of her apartment until the end of August and I've committed to paying rent on my current house through then, to give my roommates plenty of time to look for a replacement. If we find and sign a lease on a place now, I'd be paying double rent for the next three months. And there's no reason to think there's a shortage of places to live. We've already seen one place which was almost perfect and just happened to be snapped up before we got our own applications in, and a couple more more places which aren't what we were looking for but we could put up with them.

We could find a place in a week if we were willing to settle for less than ideal and/or get our applications in right away, and we don't even want to move in until July or August, but she is still e-mailing me three times a day with links to ads and reports on places she has visited. It's annoying.

Moving in together was originally my suggestion, and it's still a good idea, but on this bad day, this process of apartment-hunting feels particularly unpleasant.

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