Tuesday, September 07, 2010

How I procrastinated on packing this weekend: cutting down a tree limb that was hanging too low, and yes, the irony of procrastinating on packing to move with a home improvement project is not lost on me. But at least my roommates and whoever moves into my room next won't have to worry about it. Also by watching at least half a dozen episodes of Dexter and two of the Futurama movies from between the original series and the relaunch. And, of course, a few hours of Starcraft II and/or World of Warcraft.

Stuff I did that's borderline procrastination, borderline productive: I sorted my jar of change into sleeves and took it to the bank, which would have been heavy to carry to the new place. I spent more than an hour sorting my Magic cards; it would have taken 30 seconds to throw them in the box, but most of the collection is pretty well-organized so I might as well sort the loose cards now rather than later. And I cleared through my pile of paperwork accumulated over the past few months, sorting out the junk mail and bank statements from stuff that actually should probably be kept. I still could probably throw out a lot of the stuff that "should be kept", but everything that's left is a borderline case at the very least, so I don't feel too bad about putting it off yet again. And I downloaded the pictures off my old phone, which has been sitting unused since last month. I think it's now safe to throw away.

How close I am to ready: pretty close, I think, believe it or not. Four boxes full of stuff ready and waiting to be put in the rental car tomorrow, at least three more boxes partially full with room for a little more stuff or redistribution of weight as needed, and at least six more containers (two cardboard boxes, one storage ottoman, two duffel bags and a backpack) completely empty just waiting to have stuff put in them. I'm planning to get as much of my stuff as I can tomorrow with the rental car and moving the big stuff like my desk and chair on Saturday, thanks to a cousin of Teresa's who has a truck or van. It helps that I never fully unpacked in the first place here. There isn't much storage space and I didn't bother to stake a claim to it when I could have, so I've had half a dozen boxes lying around my room here for the past two years. I included them in my inventory, so maybe that's cheating a bit, but still.

All things considered, I'm confident that I'll be ready for tomorrow. Knock on wood. The parts of the move after that, though? We'll see.

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