Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The move is basically done. I had yesterday off work, so I was available for an appointment with the cable guy. I got confused and worried about some stuff I had to do, but in the end the big stuff turned out OK and we have the wireless network set up. I also assembled a bookshelf we had bought at Ikea over the weekend. It's only half loaded up, and we had trouble fixing it to the wall (screws don't seem to do it), but it's upright. Or at least it was when we left for work this morning.

So we still have some unpacking and organizing to do, and some shopping, and we need to figure out how to secure the bookshelf, and we haven't put up any decorations on the walls yet... but all that can go on in the background around daily life instead of getting in the way of it. I can play WoW, we can watch TV, we can check our e-mail on regular computers instead of our phones, we don't plan to buy any more things that require cars to move or two people to carry, and we've unpacked enough boxes that they're no longer in the way of getting dressed in the morning.

Cool. Time to relax. (And it only took two weeks. Next time I move, I'll be sure that everyone who's moving takes at least four days off in a row at the same time, to get it all over with at once.)

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