Monday, September 13, 2010

Well, the move is probably done by now. My stuff was all moved in on Saturday, thanks to T.'s cousin Dave. Saturday and Sunday we moved some of T.'s stuff and unpacked a bit. She took today off work and hired movers who presumably finished up. I say "presumably" and "probably" just because I haven't called or e-mailed her yet today, but they were scheduled to start by 9:30 and if they aren't done by now T. should ask for her money back.

We still need to do quite a bit of shopping. At least two lamps, one bookshelf and a wireless router. Along with that last, we need to sign up for cable service or something. And, of course, we need to do a lot of unpacking once we have shelves to put books on and stuff. But we're moved in and all that. Woo hoo.

Work today wasn't as bad as I expected. Those projects I said I disliked? Last month I was assigned three. Today, literally 15 minutes ahead of deadline according to my calendar, I finished the third. And I think it's OK. The one I just happened to do first seems like it was the worst; the ones I finished Friday and today seem very simple.

The problem is that my usual half-assed approach to boring unsupervised work is stressful on these projects, because that's all anyone else ever does on them either. So I can't just tell Tom "please search the database for all Xs with Y in year Z", because according to Tom, the person in charge of entering year Y into the database did it inconsistently. So I need to double-check and search in three different places for every little thing because if I search for Xs with Y using decimals I would get 3 results, but if I search using a floating-point variable (or whatever) I would get 23. And right in the supporting statement for one of the projects, it said that there weren't any examples of a, but they're assuming there was one just "to account for the possibility". Now that you mention it, that sounds like a good idea. But why do that with just this one number and not all the others in all these projects? Why assume there's only one a, rather than some other nice round number like five or 10 or half the maximum from previous years? Answer: no reason.

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