Friday, October 29, 2010

The Onion was dead-on about politics this week. This, for example, is just as accurate and insightful as anything in the NYT, and a good deal more honest than Fox.

But what really jumped out at me was this article:
Alumni Office Dispatches Navajo Tracker To Hunt Down Glen Schutt '98

TEMPE, AZ—Representatives in the alumni office at Arizona State University announced this week that in an effort to determine the whereabouts and current mailing address of Class of '98 graduate Glen Schutt, they are utilizing the services of longtime employee and Navajo tracker Joe Lone Tree.
Lone Tree, who has more than 10 years experience tracking ASU alums through both the spirit and waking worlds, was assigned the task after multiple attempts to contact the former engineering major and inform him of upcoming alumni events and giving opportunities failed, sources said.
"Staying up-to-date with our graduates is very important to us, and we do our best to maintain a lifelong relationship with them," ASU Alumni Association president Christine Wilkinson said. "Which is why, in the case of hard-to-reach people like Glen Schutt, Joe Lone Tree and his invaluable expertise in the areas of forest and desert terrain, weathering, and the ancient movements of the sun helps us find out where our grads are and what they've been up to."

Seriously, it's baffling how diligent my college is about this. I've moved three times since I've graduated, I'm pretty sure I've never given them money or asked for anything from them after my diploma, and still they send me stuff. I agree with Yglesias about this. I give money to some nonprofit groups (well, OK, only one regularly), and there is a long, long list of charitable organizations I'd donate to before I gave to something with the ROI of a university.

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