Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How many black Republicans were just elected? (At least one that I know of.) Of the Congressional districts that switched from (D) to (R), how many of them are in the former Confederacy? Of the majority-black districts in the former Confederacy, how many switched districts yesterday? Democrats did bad overall yesterday, but did they do better or worse in the South than in the rest of the country?

When I happened to look at a map of Virginia's election results, I saw two big, relatively rural districts switch from (D) to (R), and I thought, "Huh, I thought all those had switched by 1994." Well, I know not all had, but you know what I mean - the Southern Strategy, explicitly and deliberately used by Republicans since Nixon's day, was a long process of using coded and not-so-coded racist appeals to win elections, and it's had mixed results but overall resulted in near-total Republican dominance in the South. Yesterday, that dominance got a little more total.

Crunching all the numbers - how many Democratic representatives are left in the south, did black Democrats do worse than white Democrats, how Democrats did in the south compared to overall - is beyond me. I could be completely wrong about it; it's no surprise that rural districts in Virginia went Republican because rural districts in other states do that pretty often as well. Like I said, I just noticed it and wondered. I'll try to watch FiveThirtyEight and see if anything about this is posted, and if anyone sees a post about this kind of thing elsewhere, feel free to leave a link in comments here.

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