Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I was looking through my archives recently and found this.
It's a bit ironic that book publishers, of all things, are getting into the intellectual property protection controversy. Audio/video media, software, merchandising, reference material - all of them really might have something to lose if it's safe and easy to get their product off the Internet. But books? I can't imagine myself reading an e-book, at least not with today's technology. For me at least, and I don't think I'm too very unusual in this, neither a desktop nor a laptop could possibly compare to a book you can carry around with you wherever, fit into some pockets, and not worry about because a paperback is only like $5-$10 and can take a fair amount of getting thrown around. (One's immobile, the other's fragile, and they both are less comfortable to read.)

It seems funny considering how much I use my e-book reader these days. Well, predictions are hard.

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o.lukemi said...

a friend was teasing me the other day when he saw my new copy of a textbook. he told me he had the e-copy for free where i paid about 80 dollars(in naira. i don't care- there's nothing like a book you can make pencil markings and doodle in (and sometimes turn into a pillow, or prop for another book)