Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I've deleted several recent work-related posts and reposted them on a new blog I've created specifically for that kind of thing. I may go back and do the same for other posts of the same type. I also have a few posts in mind still waiting to be written, but I'm not sure where they'll go - here, there or both.

It's the old anonymity thing again, but I'm handling it differently because I'm now at a different place in life. Nothing I wrote about work here set off definite warning sirens, but I want to continue to write about work without worrying about it. So I'm trying to avoid details on this new blog that would identify me, and it is not linked to from here and vice versa. (Yes, I know that since the posts were here for a while, Google has cached them. In hindsight I wouldn't have done that, but it seems like a small enough risk. I'm creating the second blog as a precaution against the possibility that I decide to start dishing out dirt, not that I definitely will or have already done so.) I may tell people about it on request, but then again, maybe not. We'll see how it goes.

This blog may focus more on my personal life with more musing, or I may go back to my less-than-once-a-month posting schedule of 2008-2009. Who knows. (Or maybe the other blog I'm experimenting with will die a quiet death and I'll go back to posting stuff about work here.) And of course, I will probably continue to maintain this blog until I get tired of this "Internet" fad and move on to something else just because I'm used to using the links to the side there. But it seems like I have a lot to say these days that's work-related, and putting it all here would make me worry about someday, somehow, saying the wrong thing.

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