Monday, July 18, 2011

Yesterday was busy. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, but not relaxing or unproductive.

I spent some time sorting Magic cards, or trying to. I keep on thinking of cards I'm sure I own but can't find. If it were more valuable cards going missing I'd suspect theft, but as often as not it's simply rare-but-useless or common-but-old cards I can't find, so I think either they're in some pile of cards I haven't sorted or I absent-mindedly traded them away or my memory is playing tricks on me about owning them in the first place.

Anyways, after that I went to the mall to run some errands, for both myself and T. First I went to the bookstore, browsed a bit, and thought about getting A Dance With Dragons. The question is, get it in hardcover or as an e-book? More on this later (it actually is an interesting issue, I think), but yesterday I decided not to get it in hardcover. I'll probably get it as an e-book, but maybe not until I've refreshed my memory of the series. On the other hand, I did get Kitty's Big Trouble at the bookstore yesterday, a book in another series I read.

After that I went to the mall, sat down at a diner-style place in the food court, and got a milkshake. I spilled it before I had even drank a sip. Butterfingers. The server was kind enough to get me another one. Then I took T.'s two watches to a jewelry repair store in the mall, to replace the battery of one and get another one fixed; the watch had stopped and the crystal had broken when she fell down a couple weeks ago. There were three potential repair places to choose from. I went to the first place with a free attendant to talk to. Then I texted back and forth with T. a few times and the bill turned out to be about $50 more than she expected. Probably my fault for not shopping around. But I don't mind paying for them at least partially anyway; she has enough to worry about these days. In the meantime I ran a few more errands off my shopping list and took care of everything I could get in the area. On the way home, though, there was a problem on the metro. To summarize, the train stopped and turned around a few stations before mine without the usual warning, adding at least another 20 minutes to my trip home. Back in my neighborhood I got wine, another item on my list, but selection wasn't that great. Finally, I went to the drugstore and got the electric toothbrush my dentist had recommended last week. Another expensive purchase.

Despite all the setbacks - missing cards, spilling the shake, overpaying for the watches, running back and forth for shopping, getting stuck on the train - I was in a good mood most of the day, but the hassle at the wine store was the last straw for a while. Also, T. pointed out that I still have the receipt and haven't opened the electric toothbrush yet, so I can shop around for another of those more cheaply, retroactively. Still, it was a longer, more tiring day than expected.

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