Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas is over. Whew.

As I've said, I find Christmas shopping stressful and don't handle it well. I wish my family could use this system. Travel is always problematic, and only gets worse during busy seasons. My flight to see my parents last week was fine (slight delay announced while I was in the terminal, but it was so slight that they made up the time in flight), but my flight back here last night was delayed by about an hour and a half. Ouch. And finally, I got sick Friday. I'd guess I caught a stomach bug from a sick friend before we left, or maybe it was in the airport, but either way I was stuck in bed and unable to keep any food down on the 23rd and feeling at least a bit unwell for the following two days.

Given my attitude towards gifts, I appreciated this and this. Call me an uncaring, ungenerous sociopath if you want, but the "joy" of giving gifts to adults has very rarely balanced out the time and expense of it, let alone the stress. If I remember those or just look up this post when next year comes around, it should help.

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